About GP+ Networking

A network for GPs and potential GPs who have or would consider any extended role outside core general practice. It aims to promote opportunities in GP and to empower established networks of GPs. Whatever your stage of training the site will support your professional development through self directed intelligent networking leading to relationships with others of shared interests to provide coaching and peer support. If you need help then search for it via our matching system. Don’t leave those conversations to chance and don’t let geography constrain them.

The founder of GP+ Networking is Dr Cathryn Dillon. Her innovation started through the frustration of trying to establish her own extended role in skin surgery. She trained in plastic surgery before moving to general practice.  The website development started during Cathryn’s GP registrar year and she is currently a GP Partner in Somerset. Having felt it had been harder than it should have been to have skills recognised and find relevant advice about starting up community services she wanted to make it easier for others.

The hard work in developing the website is aimed at making the process of developing an extended role clearer and allow us to network more intelligently through common interests. It also highlights the possibilities within a career in general practice to medical students and doctors. As a common place of enquiry GP+ Networking can make the process as efficient and as enjoyable as it should be. It may open doors that were not at first imagined.

Cathryn is a GP partner and understands the benefits continuity of care brings.  She also recognises the future of general practice will have a significant proportion of doctors with portfolio careers and extended roles.  Her own extended role gives variety to her working week and brings better care to patients across Somerset. She believes delivering care closer to home must be the future for a sustainable NHS. GP+ Networking is designed to enhance general practice not move away from generalism. More recently GP+ Networking has moved from its embryonic form into a site which houses quality improvement and innovation as interests that still fall under extended roles. The site is every evolving with its membership needs. The site has recently changed to a subscription service (currently £25 per annum) to allow sustainability to the project. GP+ Networking will be there to help us achieve innovative ways of working and give general practice a bright future. Join us!

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