Health Education England Ambassador

health-education-englandAs the founder of GP+ Networking I am thrilled to have been recruited to be an Ambassador for Health Education England (HEE) campaign ‘There is nothing General About General Practice’. I echo the key messages of the campaign

  •  A career in general practice is challenging – you will have no idea what each day will bring. You will have the opportunity to apply your medical expertise to a wide range of conditions
  • You will never stop learning
  • GPs are central to individuals, families and communities – you are there for your patients at every stage of their life
  • As a GP you have the opportunity to test your skills in a variety of settings – from working in the armed forces to applying your skills in other specialist areas (such as sexual health or oncology) to conducting research that could transform healthcare in the future – the choice is yours.

I see GP+Networking as a way of supporting the energy displayed for establishing extended roles in general practice. I look forward to showcasing all that can be achieved within this wonderfully varied and fulfilling career. Via GP+ we can network and magnify the strength of autonomy we hold from within our individual practices.

Reduce replication, maximise innovation!

GP Trainees to Innovate

GP+ Networking

Looking forward to traveling to Peninsula deanery to speak at GPST induction with the aim of enthusing other GP trainees to innovate. Never underestimate your contribution to change. Fresh eyes are invaluable to the process of quality improvement from within established general practice. Those who are immersed within the job may find it difficult to see the possibility for improvement and I am sure will always welcome alternative suggestions. If there is a reason your idea isn’t suitable then you will learn from it. Your effort is appreciated. If there is no reason then you take your first step to making it better.

Fear will only stagnate progress!