Whatever your career stage GP+ Networking is the network that makes sense. Imagine if you could

  • Search instantly for someone who has a similar background and chat
  • Stop individually struggling to navigate the system and learn from others
  • Share work you have done and use the work of others to improve your practice
  • Form group chats and participate at a convenient time
  • Be a part of a larger, stronger team.

With GP+ Networking you can!

What is more, by contributing to this network you are helping to make effective change in the NHS at the grassroots level. Yes, this is blue sky thinking but it has a simple and practical solution. The larger the GP+ Network the more Cathryn and the team can do to improve the life of GPs.

It fights back against isolation and moves towards teamwork. It bridges a career in general practice and can be used differently depending on your needs.

Whether medical student or near retirement this is a network built for you. The first step is basic registration which takes a minute and then completing your profile in more detail. The more you contribute the more you will take away. Then start searching and building your network.