Register for GP+ Networking

Thank you for being involved in GP+ Networking! This is a grassroots innovation and we will continue to develop the website based on your suggestions. It will be good as the content of its profiles and success is dependent on the activity on the network. As with any Agile System Development you have to expect a few quirks and niggles. So we encourage all our beta users (you)  to report any strange happenings.

Please register here:

We’ll be adding some video guides asap.

A few quirks

We’ve already found a few quirks that will be updated in a future release and have listed them below for your general information.

Upside down photos
When you take a photo with your mobile and upload it to your profile it might be on its side or upside down. This is quite a common issue and connected with metadata phones store in images. Solution: Edit your photo inside the phone, rotate the image 180 degrees, click save and then upload again.

Creating a Group Chat
When you create a group chat please rename it to an appropriate group name rather than leave the number given – it will help your colleagues recognize the chat more easily.