GP with a Special Interest (GPwSI) Intermediate Care

A GP with a Special Interest (GPwSI) in Intermediate Care Dr Zalan Alam tells GP+ Networking his story.

I was recruited in early 2015 as the GP lead in intermediate care services by the local provider organisation GP Care in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.  My brief was to recruit 2.5 FTE GPs who could work in Intermediate care services looking at a community focus managing medical complexity and multimorbidity.

We manage patients as part of a partnership with the acute trust, the council and third sector. Our teams work to visit patients at home and support independent living and offer them rehabilitation in a local setting.

Our team has done great work in the area, reducing acute admissions and reducing the length of stay in hospital. We perform advance care planning and work on fraility. We have had excellent feedback from GPs and staff because of this MDT approach to care.

It has been a rollercoaster as the lead, but I’ve discovered that managing colleagues can (not surprisingly ) be a lot harder than patients! But it is also rewarding, to see your colleagues take the initiative and set up MDTs, work on advance care planning with patients and pro actively change things for the patients.

The best bit? When you work as part of a integrated team, unsurprisingly again, those barriers we struggle with so much in primary care? They breakdown over a cup of tea.


If you want to learn more about how Dr Alam started this service and how it is running today then please contact him via GP+ Networking. Sign in and connect. Perhaps start an intermediate care discussion group.

Alternative GP career

GP+ Networking can help you achieve a fulfilling and varied GP career

Ever wondered how some people have the coolest jobs? Chances are they have just taken the opportunity to build their alternative GP career.

GP with an extended role is an increasingly desirable profession, which allows both cradle to grave generalism whilst allowing individuals to pursue their own specialist interests.

Whether accredited GPSI/GPwSI or an extended role in a personal interest taking GP out of the office, GP+ Networking can help achieve a fulfilling and varied career. Remove the chance element from networking and take control.

Founded by a GP trainee to help others achieve a balanced and stimulating career the GP+ Networking site is free to use, joining up the profession from medical students to GPwSI.

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