A career in general practice is rewarding

A career in general practice is rewardingMy name is Ananda Pal. I changed from a career in general medicine to general practice. I had found that I enjoyed the general aspect of being a medic and that there wasn’t one specialty I particularly wished to undertake for the rest of my career. With hindsight I was fortunate enough that it was straightforward to sample 6 months as a GP registrar and since then I have never looked back. I soon realised that being a GP offered me a huge variety of interesting medical cases with often quite rare diseases initially presenting through GP.

As a medic I had always been interested in teaching, and took the opportunity to become a GP trainer which I find rewarding and adding some more variety to the week. Aside from spending time with trainees there are meetings with other trainers, which provide a welcome change from day to day surgeries.

I have the opportunity to use and apply other skills that I learnt from my time as a medic such as joint injections learnt in rheumatology. I am also the diabetic lead for my practice.

I find it really rewarding to work as a partner in a busy practice. There is a real sense of working in a team. We have moved into different roles within the business itself ensuring work is fairly shared. Partnership meetings are an opportunity to look at things with more than a clinician’s hat on and also a time when it is good to meet with the rest of the doctors. Prior to choosing medicine as a student, I had toyed with the idea of working in a finance based job in London. I now lead on the financial aspects of working in our practice so I get perhaps a little taste of what may have been!

I would wholeheartedly recommend a career in general practice.

Ananda Pal